Software integration & System architecture

Getting a mixed of technologies working together:

– Digital signage player, video analytics, AI, machine learning
Vision devices
Computing devices
Display devices

Smart content platforms Development & Design

We design, build and deploy smart content platforms for:

– Digital Out–Of–Home (DOOH), digital media and digital signage networks
– Retailers & shopping malls
– Traffic management (commuters, shoppers, vehicles)
– Smart cities

Product distribution & Regional support

With more than 10 years of experience in selling and delivering High Tech solutions and services to Asia customers, we manage a network of resellers and system integrator in Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong-Kong, Japan and Indonesia.

Our core market: Out-Of-Home media network, retail , shopping malls and transportation hub.

Based in Singapore, the most efficient business hub in the region, in the center of only 4 hours timezone we provide remote support services for our customer in a region that covers the most populated part on the planet.